Top 10 Best Emotional &Heart Touching Ads In India

An advertisement has always been a crucial part of any brand to make it popular among its customers and fetch the attention of potential customers. Though the motto of advertisement is completely commercially, they become popular if a message is delivered in a sophisticated manner making it informative and emotional both at the same time.

1. Google Nest Mini

Google Nest Mini

This advertisement will truly make you fall in love with the amalgamation of creativity and entertainment. In this advertisement, a little girl asked to “Google Nest Mini” about “Jhansi Ki Rani” and the translation of some Hindi words into English. This highly cute Google Advertisement will not only remind you about ancient India but its culture too. Chances are high that you will love to get back to your history books to know more about it. Hope we keep having more advertisement like this from “Google” which can inspire new age generation ideally.

2. Fortune


This advertisement will truly bring tears to your eyes. “GharKaKhana” are three magical words used in this Fortune advertisement. We all know how homemade food makes us get connected with so many emotions. In this ad, an old woman keeps coming to the hospital to see his grandson (who unfortunately met an accident) carrying homemade. Butthe Nurse does not allow “Dadi” to give him homemade food instead of tasteless Khichdi. One day “Dadi” brings two Tiffins, one for nurse too. After having that “GharKaKhana”, she allows “Dadi” to fed him home-cooked dal, and the grandson’s expression while having home-cooked food is just amazing.

3. Vicks India

Vicks India

Vicks generally can be found in every Indian’s house since it is a trustworthy product for a long time. Vicks India is also known for its amazing advertisements. In an ad of Vicks, a transgender adopts a girl and educates her. This advertisement emphasizes equality and respect. This heart-warming advertisement revolves around that gender is not a bar. Everyone deserves to have a quality life and we should respect everyone.

4. FeviKwik


Not only emotional but advertisement adding a bit witty humor is also liked by viewers. Moreover,FeviKwik's advertisement comes on this list. It will bring a smile to your face. This advertisement shows that irrespective of the fact of having tensions between the two nations, we should put effort into “TodoNhiJodo”. It gives a message to society so that peace could be maintainedon both sides.

5. DaburVatika


DaburVatika salutes female cancer survivors with its beautiful advertisement. She survived the disease but could not gain the confidence to face her known because of being bald. She gets ready for her office but still having so many doubts and confusion. Then her husband comes and puts a “bindi” on her forehand, which gives her needed support to the fact the world.DaburVatika’s this advertisement gives hope for introducing this kind of advertisement.


Skymetweather takes an initiative to make accurate weather forecasts so farmers can check out the needed information easily. This advertisement is so emotional. It revolves around a farmer’s family waiting to rain. A farmer daily goes to his field and his daughter keeps following him every day without his knowledge. She follows him to ensure that he is not going to take any drastic steps like others in her neighbor. One day she finds that his father has taken rope with himself and she runs so fast thinking that his father might end his life. But his father was preparing a swing for him. This advertisement shows how farmers live under uncertainty because of the weather.

7. Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Unilever Limited

Hindustan Uniliver Limited also gives an emotional and informative advertisement in which it is shown that how Rajashthan’s villages are deprived of water. In this ad, a shower is installed somewhere in a field. Though villagers are not aware of it that it is a bathroom, they start using that water coming from the shower to collect and drink. There is a voice-over in this advertisement that “HamareAdheGaanv Ne Pani Pi LiaLekinEkShehar Wale KaNahanaKhatamNhiHua”. It shows how precious is water and we should use it wisely.

8. SamraatChakki Atta

SamraatChakki Atta

This Advertisement of SamraatChakki Atta is emphasizing on homemade food. It shows that sharing food with others is a good habit. And if someone carries homemade food, it is not a topic of making fun. In India, we all love having homemade food but hesitate to accept. Sharing food only increases love and affection towards each other. We should respect everyone’s emotions.

9. Havmor


Do you love icecream? Then this could be your favorite brand indeed. Havmor also gives a special message with its advertisement that you are the best and you deserve better. Everyone is unique intheir way. In this ad, a girl radio jockey by profession comes driving her car of being sad because of her breakup. She enters the office and gets into her cabin. Her boss notices her being upset. She left a note on her table mentioning that she is the best and deserves better.

10. Birla Sun Life Insurance

Birla Sun Life Insurance

This advertisement truly deserves appreciation. It comes up with a tagline “KhudKoKarBulanItna” in which a father and his autistic son are shown. The husband lost his wife and his son is diagnosed with autism. But they both keep enjoying their lives. But thenthe father loses his job and things get supposed to be difficult a bit. But since he had already a Birla Sun Life Insurance, he got his son enrolled in an autism-specific school. This ad makes us know that difficulties keep coming into our lives. But we need to learn to fight with them. We should not go weak or hopeless.

In The Last – If you have not watched any of these ads then you must check it out on Youtube. You will not get bored but entertained beautifully.