Top 10 Diwali Gift Ideas To Buy For Family & Friends .

Corona has already made all of us quite lethargic. Being inside the home for such a long time has deprived us of enjoying life like the one we used to do. However, no worries since we all are so strong and positive to go through even the tough phase of life. Since Diwali is around the corner, and we all do not miss any chance to enjoy its fullest. Most of us have already decided what to buy to give our family, friends, and relatives. However, there would be many of you running confused regarding Diwali ideas. Here, we are going to help you with introducing the top 10 Diwali gift ideas.

1. Air Purifier: To Make Easy For Them

 Air Purifier

Air Purifier has truly become an essential need of these days. We all know how pollution is increasing day-by-day. After Diwali, it goes at its peak and that is why Air Purifier could be an ideal option indeed. Air Purifier will keep them safe from the onslaught of smoke as well as harmful chemicals present in the air. These purifiers make it easy to destroy pollutants and allergens from the air. They are designed in a way so that purified air could be circulated smoothly all around the room. Make sure that you are going to buy an advanced air purifier coming up with all-new features such as auto-timer, filter replacement indicator, touch control, regulatory fan speed, and so on.

2. Gift Cards: To Let Them Choose What They Want–

Gift Cards

Since we are living in the new age world, everyone expects to get stylish gifts. If you are one of them who cannot decide, what gift would be right to choose this Diwali? Then, you may go with the option called Gift Card. You may go with the option of gift cards to your beloved ones. There are many gift cards available in the market such as Amazon Gift Card, Myntra Gift, and so on. You may choose any of them going convenient for you. Gift Cards are quite popular these days since they give people the freedom to purchase themselves anything they want right from clothes to jewelry and so on. Gift Cards are liked by people of all ages. It is an ideal option to go with when you are not able to choose what to gift or what other person likes or dislikes. It is time to go with the option of love and joy this Diwali.

3. Ganesha Idol

Ganesha Idol

Diwali Pooja is incomplete with Laxmi-Ganesha Pooja. Ganesha Idol with candles and OM Frame sounds quite religious and sophisticated to gift. It goes with all sorts of receivers. There is a variety of Ganesha Idol available in the market at affordable prices.

4. Advanced Electronics: To Bring More Peace

Advanced Electronics

Electronics have always been a trendy gifting option. The receiver also feels great while accepting it. Moreover, they can use them in their everyday life. Talking about advanced electronics, there are many options such as headsets, USB drives, Bluetooth, portable speakers, and so on. You may also give a car heater cup if thinking to choose the best gift for busy office goers. Check out more products online to choose the best one as per your budget.

5. Personalized Whiskey Glasses: To Double The Happiness

Personalized Whiskey Glasses

Diwali means a lot of parties and enjoyment. Therefore, giving personalized whiskey glasses could be an ideal choice indeed. Whether you want to give it to your professional or personal known ones, it is worthy to choose as a Diwali gift. Many sites are introducing the service of laser engraving of a name or personalized message or quotes onto glasses so that you may gift it to make receivers feel special indeed. Saying would not wrong that this sort of personal attention will truly make the receiver have more love and affection for you.

6. Silver and Gold Plated Bowl Spoon Along With Plate Set

Silver and Gold Plated Bowl

If you are not on a tight budget and want to gift something special to your family and friends, you may go with the option of silver and gold plated bowl spoon along with a plate set. They look indeed quite fancy to see. Moreover, gifting or buying gold and silver during the Diwali festivities is regarded as being quite auspicious. You may choose the set of silver and gold plated bowl spoon accordingly to your budget. They are not that way much costly.

7. Solar Lawn Lights

Solar Lawn Lights

Solar LED lights are quite popular these days. They are not only bright but durable too. They are different from normal lights since they do not put a burden on your electricity bills. They go with clean and recyclable energy being eco-friendly. They are being used in homes and offices. You may consider them as your best Diwali gift idea for 2020 to bring a smile to your known. It is time to make an eco-friendly Diwali.

8. Potted House Plants

Potted House Plants

Many people love greenery and keep collecting plants to put in their house inside and outside. You may gift potted houseplants. Moreover, it will also help to reduce air pollution, which may cause by the burning of firecrackers.

9. Spiritual Content In CDs or Pendrive


Yes, it can also be an ideal choice for the people who love to remain spiritual. You may gift them specific religious content collecting in CDs or Pendrive. Talking about spiritual content, it could be songs, chants, hymns, or narrations of holy events. You may think that a lot of content is already available on an online platform but it seems special when it is specifically collected to give someone.

10. Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns

Sky Lanterns are made out of paper and look beautiful when they are lit up. The sky looks beautiful when it holds all the beautiful sky lanterns coming from different walks. You must be ready with your camera to click picturesque.

In The Last – Hope you liked these specifically chosen quite special Diwali gift ideas. So, what are you waiting for? Go with your favorite Diwali gift idea and spread happiness all around.