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What is Vaya Tyffyn ?

Vaya is an international brand which provides exclusively designed tyffyns (tiffin). An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Mr. Vasanthakumar sensed a business happening and quit his job at smartphone maker Apple to start Vaya  — the word means strength and power in Sanskrit. It gives a complete airtight tyffyn (tiffin)which keeps your food fresh for next 5 - 6 hours. Use this tyffyn (tiffin) to carry both hot and cold food, but not both simultaneously.

Many varieties are available in Graphite, Maple, Woolen, Black, Gold, Denim, Cats and Dino Map. Vaya Tyffyns are available in two sizes as well, Tyffyn 1000 and Tyffyn 600. The prices starts at a little below Rs. 2,000 and go upto Rs. 3,800 for tiffin boxes. Apart From Tyffyn Boxes, you will also get Preservative jar,Drynk container, accessories, Gifting Product,tyffyn Disney,Tyffyn Lyte.


Vaya Privacy Policy

If you are buying at Vaya, you should be agree all the terms and conditions. As Vaya is an International Brand, they are very concern about customer's personal details.

Following Information Vaya collects from its users:

Personal Details like Name, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address, Delivery Address, Order Details and Invoicing Details are collected by Vaya and this information they are using to deliver the appropriate Tyffyn on correct address. All information is just used to improve customer service improvement. Your privacy is their important policy.

How Vaya Tyffyn is Different From Others ?

Suppose, if you are hungry at your workplace at lunchtime & you are missing fresh and hot food. What do you do? You may say you can carry lunch dabba. But does that maintains all freshness & hotness as you want?  No! Here Vaya is significant. Carry the cooked food in Vaya tyffyn, is specially designed by keeping all the points in mind like food freshness, health care and tyffyn look. Vaya tiffin's design is also fabulous that will make your lunch box special among all tyffyn on your open on your lunch table. Here you will find tyffyns for elders and for kids as well. Bag-mat and extra containers are also available if you ask to buy separately.


Uniqueness Of Vaya tyffyn listed below:

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What are The Customers Related FAQ of Vaya Tyffyns ?

Q.1) Till how long Vaya Tyffyn can maintain the freshness and hygiene?

        Approx 5 to 6 hours. No doubt in that. Vaya tyffyn 1000 ML lunch box maintains the warmness of food upto 5 - 6 hours and 600 ML lunch box maintains food freshness up to 4 - 5 hours.

Q.2) Can I pack cold & warm food in a single tyffyn ( in different containers )?

        No, you can either pack cold food OR warm food. By keeping simultaneously, freshness cannot be maintained completely. Also, it can affect your tyffyn's life and quality as well as. 

Q.3) What kind Of Material is Used to make Vaya Tyffyn?

        To maintain the temperature of food stainless steel material is used for inner containers which are coated with copper finishing. Leakproof double lids are available in a tyffyn box to maintain the food temperature.

Q.4) What if I put  Vaya tyffyn in a refrigerator to maintain the coldness?

        You can put the inner container in the freezer, will keep your food cold for a long time, but not the outer shell. That can damage the vacuum insulating seal of tyffyn.

Q.5) Can inner container be put in a microwave oven?

       Of course not, Neither you can put inner container nor an outer box in the microwave. It can create serious damage to your lunch box.

Q.6) Where you can buy original Vaya tyffyn?

Q.7) Is there any tyffyn customization option available?

      Yes, you can customize your tyffyn on bulk order. For that, you can contact

Different Models Of Vaya Tyffyns

Vaya tyffyn has been designed in such a way that it can become usable for all age group of people. Its very easy and light weighted for kids to carry while going to school. Adults like college students and office goers will find it convenient to carry along with them, using its Bagmat features. These were some basic ideas involved to create such revoltutionary lunch box. Although it may seem very small but after implementing it the company has recieved huge response from the user.


Specifications 600 ML Vaya Tyffyns 1000 ML Vaya Tyffyns
Freshness  Remains Warm / Cold For 4 - 5 Hours Remains Warm / Cold For 5-6 Hours
 Containers  2 Spacious Inner Containers  3 Inner Containers to Carry The Food
 Size  Comparatively Small  Comparatively Big
 Best For  School Kids  College Students / Office Goers

Model Design


Lets Explore Why You Choose Vaya Tyffyn Not Other

Initially, Vaya has designed only a tiffin box which was available in 2 sizes. The small one with two boxes which is known as tyffyn 600 and a large one with 3 separate containers is known as tyffyn 1000. The work of this made it special from other common tiffin boxes. vaya Tyffyn is designed by keeping many points in mind as the quality of material, the comfort of users and the quantity can be carried under each box. Let's take a look at a few below points: we will talk from the top - 

  1. 1. Vaya tyffyn has a collapsible handle which can be adjusted according to the convenience
  2. 2. Vacuum insulated layer which keeps your food hot or cold for the next 5 - 6 hours, that's incredible if we talk about the quality
  3. 3. Its slim body makes it more comfortable to carry in a bag, the user can carry it very easily in their daily needs backpack.
  4. 4. Leak-resistant lids with integrated gaskets are easily removable which while cleaning, so hygienically its safe to use it for a long time.
  5. 5. Partitions are also available, with the help of that you can carry more than one item in a single container.
  6. 6. Heat protective finger grip at also assembled in the tyffyn to maintain the same temperature of the food as it packed.
  7. 7. Copper Coated stainless steel container also helps to maintain the freshness of food.
  8. 8. Pressurizing latches is also available in the lunch box which make the tyffyn packed properly.

What Vaya Serve as Product to their Users?

Nowadays youngster doesn't like to carry a typical dabba style to carry the food but they miss too the food of home while eating food on a stall or in the cafe. Now Vaya tyffyn in a market with a stylish and slim tiffin design which is easy to carry and also have a bagmat to open it anywhere and can take food on the mat. Take a look at special offerings from

  1. 1. Tyffyns: Vaya tyffyns are available in 2 sizes Tyffyn 600 which has two containers and tyffyn 1000 which has 3 containers. partitions are also available to put a tow different food in the single container. Isn't it really cool? take a look at
  2. 2. Water Bottles: This innovative bottle is made of stainless steel with Anti-slip coaster base. It is easy to hold and clean body design. It's easy to carry in your normal bag and car holder as well. This bottle has maintain the hot or coldness of any liquid for the next 12 - 18 hours, Vaya Bottle has the 1-year warranty as well. 
  3. 3. Food Storage Container: The Vaya Container which is ideal to carry the large quantity of food anywhere while going on a family trip or for an outdoor stay. This incredible design is made of High-quality Stainless Steel body with the leak-proof lid with integrated gaskets.
  4. 4. Gifting Box: If you belong to the corporate industry, then Vaya Tyffyn gift box is the best option to give. The Vaya Gift Box is the combo of tyffyn box 600, bottle and a bagmat. 
  5. 5. Tyffyn Accessories: The Vaya accessories is a combo of Cutlery, Wooden Handle Cleaning Brush and bagmat. Shop now with  Vaya Coupon Code and Offers and save more on online ordering.